Welcome to Volya School

The Volya School of Ukrainian Dance is the feeder school for the Volya Ukrainian Dance Ensemble. Our school ranges from ages 4 - 18. Students are trained in a academic style of Ukrainian Dance with emphasis on traditional Ukrainian stage dance, ballet, and character dance training. All of this is accomplished under the skillful direction of our school and ensemble artistic director and State Honored Artist of Ukraine Zhenia Bahri and our assistant instructors.

To quote our beloved Artist Director Zhenia Bahri … “Art is imagination… it takes people away from their everyday worries and reminds them how beautiful life is.” That art form has been showcased throughout the province of Alberta at various festivals and competitions while receiving awards and accolades from adjudicators and audiences respectfully.

Our season has concluded for 2020-21. We hope to see you all back in September!

Tentative Placement Date: September 2, 2021

Classes start week of September 7

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Volya School is grateful for the sponsorship from:

The Alberta Foundation for the Arts

The Shevchenko Foundation